Laurent Probst

Partner and Leader, Research & Development Activities Unit, PwC Consulting Luxembourg

Laurent is a partner with PwC and leads the Economic Development and Innovation group at PwC Luxembourg. Over the past seven years, he has specialised in carrying out economic development projects for the governments of various countries and regions as well as business development projects for fast-growing companies. He has unique experience in developing clusters, specifically biomedicine and IT clusters.
He has been actively involved in tax, regulatory and financial environment improvement projects aimed at boosting economic development in various regions.
Laurent is the PwC Global Network Leader for Regional Innovation Clusters.
In addition, Laurent leads the Innovation Programme at PwC Luxembourg and serves on the advisory boards of several non-profit organisations.
Education and qualifications:
European Quality Assessor – EFQM
Diploma of Advanced Training in Corporate Audit, Central University of Luxembourg
Diploma from Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG Business School), Paris, France
Membership in professional bodies:
Laurent is a member of the Advisory Board of Fondation de Luxembourg (the Luxembourg Foundation) and the PwC Market Development Committee in Luxembourg.
As a participant in the European Biocluster Council, Laurent has put forward an initiative to create an Innovative Finance Group with the primary goal of evaluating and developing the most efficient financial instruments for promoting the evolution of the biomedical industry.