Kirill Nikitin

Partner, Government and Public Sector Leader, PwC Russia

Kirill Nikitin has been leading our G&PS practice since 2013. He first began to develop this practice back in 2011 by offering tax policy and tax administration services to clients.
In 2014, Kirill Nikitin set up a Centre for Tax Policy at the Department of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and currently directs its activity.
Since 2017, Kirill has been the Chairman of the Tax and Budgetary Policy Committee of the All-Russia Public Organisation Delovaya Rossiya.
Kirill authored many proposals in tax and budgetary policies that were included into the list of the Russian President’s List of Instructions of 05 December 2018.
Kirill is the holder of the Russian Economist of the Year, an all-Russia supreme economic community award founded by the Free Economic Society (VEO) of Russia. Kirill was nominated for the practical contribution into the Russian economy as a part of a team of authors who created a mid-term economic development plan for Russia until 2025 (the Growth Strategy).
In 2011 and 2012, as a member of the Presidential Commission on the Modernisation and Technological Development of the Russian Economy, Kirill developed and promoted the concept of a civil society tax system.