Andrey Sharov

Vice-President, Head of GR Directorate, Sberbank

Born November 1, 1971. Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University in 1994 and the Russian Civil Service Academy under the President of the Russian Federation in 1997. CSc (Law).Career1994: leading specialist, chief specialist of the legal department, Administration of Krasnoyarsk.1995–1996: leading specialist, chief specialist, head of department, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.1996–2002: specialist expert, consultant, counsel of the Human Resource Department of the President of the Russian Federation (Presidential Executive Office).2002–2004: head of Civil Service Administration, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.2004–2009: Director, Department of State Regulation of the Economy, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.2009–2010: Director, Department for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Competition, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.December 7, 2010: appointed Director, Department of State Governance, Regional Development and Local Government, Government Executive Office.May–November 2012: Vice Governor, Chairman of the Moscow Region Government.Since January 2014: Vice President, Head of Small Business Development Department, Sberbank of Russia.