Arkadiy Mamontov

Anchor, TV Journalist

Russian TV journalist and TV host, producer of numerous documentaries on hot issues. Head of the Arkady Mamontov’s Author Programme studio, Russia-1 TV channel (since 2000).
Born on 26 May 1962 in Novosibirsk. Graduated with honours in 1988 from the School of Journalism of Moscow State University. Began his career in journalism as a special correspondent in the video editorial office of Novosti Press Agency. As part of the Business Russia programme, he implemented the Russian Calendar project about Russian merchants and patrons. In 1994–2000, he worked as a special correspondent in the current affairs programmes of the NTV television company. In 2000–2016, he worked with the Russia TV company, and he hosted the Special Correspondent TV programme on Russia-1. Since the autumn of 2014, he has worked on original documentary projects. Since October 2017, he has been the host of the TV programme Traces of the Empire and other projects on Spas TV channel.