Anton Kuprinov

Executive Director, Moscow Small Business Credit Assistance Fund

In February 2014, by the decision of the Board of Trustees, Anton Kuprinov was appointed Executive Director of the Moscow Fund for the Support of Small Business Lending

In 1988 he graduated from Moscow Finance Institute (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) majoring in international and economic relations, and did a special training in in various areas of banking (investment, project financing, lending, leasing, factoring, etc.); in 1991, he did an internship at Bayerische Vereinsbank, Munich, Germany; in 1994, he completed a course at IRI, Rome, Italy, and did an internship at Banca Commerciale Italiana (Banca Intesa); in 1995–1998, he got a diploma from Swiss Banking School, Zurich, Switzerland. He speaks English, German and Italian.

Anton Kuprinov started his professional career at Ingosstrakh insurance company (1988–1990) where he handled the claims. In 1990–2000 he worked for International Moscow Bank (UniCredit Bank) as the Director for Credit Risks, where he supervised risk assessment and analysis from general practice and methods of corporate loans to troubled debts to managerial decision making in interbank lending and lines of credit with Russian and foreign banks.

In 2000–2009 he held the position of CEO of IMB Leasing and IMB Leasing Company (UniCredit Group). During his work, restructuring and reorganization of all leasing operations was performed, branch network was created and expanded, new leasing products were introduced, other leasing companies were acquired. Under Anton Kuprinov, the company made it on the Top-10 list of Russia’s largest leasing companies, and was awarded with several certificates including that for ‘most rapidly growing leasing company’.

In 2010–2013, Anton Kuprinov headed Absolut Leasing (Absolut Bank, part of KBC Broup, Belgium), where he executed similar managerial functions, handled restructuring and reorganization of leasing business, was involved in building and expansion of the branch network and in introducing new products.
During Anton Kupronov’s work in leasing, more than 1.5 billion euros worth of projects were funded.

Anton Kuprinov is a recognized professional in bank lending and leasing operations, he is one of co-founders and developers of leasing in Russia and in Russian Regions, he is a permanent participant and panellist of finance-related events, and a teacher at the Higher School of Economics.
He is married with three children.