Nikolay Kuzyakov

Co-Founder, Vanyushkiny Sladosti

Nikolay Kuzyakov is a cofounder of Vanyushkiny Sladosti Group. He’s been developing confectionary business in Penza for over a decade. This is a family business that employs hundreds of people, holds sites of thousands square meters and makes tons of products. Nikolay Kuzyakov earned his first million at the age of 18, and at the age of 19 he created a company that later reached significant manufacturing capacities. Vanyushkiny Sladosti are sold in 35 000 stores. And the confectionary factory can boast over 1 000 tons of produce a month. Vanyushkiny Sladosti Group includes: agricultural facilities, a confectionary production, food service and online sales. The company’s products are sold in 75 regions of Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Germany and Israel. Its brands are represented in the following retailers: Magnit, Spar, Pyatyorochka, GiperGlobus, Monetka, Metro, Billa, Perekryostok, Karusel, Zaodno, Auchan etc. Vanyushkiny Sladosti is the leading confectionary business in the Volga Region. And all of it started with an idea. Idea + Patience + Resilience + Goals + Team = Success. Winner of the Young Entrepreneur of Russia Contest in 2012-2013. Winner of EY International Competition of Young Entrepreneurs in 2015. Member, Youth Government of Penza Oblast. Youth Minister of Economy. Member, Public Council under the Ministry of Economy. Chairman, Opora Rossii’s Youth Committee in Penza Oblast.