Nonna Kagramanyan

Vice-President, Head of the Executive Committee, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)

Professional specialization:
Management in the sphere of social and economic policy, strategic planning, crisis management, public administration. PR-communication. GR-communication. International affairs
Public and expert activities:
Member of the Expert Council of ANO "Agency for strategic initiatives".
Expert of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.
Expert of the Civic Chamber of Moscow.
Business coordinator at the Eurasian Economic Commission.
Member of the working group «On implementation of the “Single Window” mechanism within the System of Foreign Economic Activity Regulation»
Board member of the International Business and Enterprise Academy.
The member of the Project committee for the main direction of strategic development of the Russian Federation "International cooperation and export" at Public Business Council.
Member of the working group, responsible for the preparation of the passports of the priority projects International Cooperation and Export in Industry
Member of the working group "On measures to be taken to increase investment appeal in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation” at the State Council of the Russian Federation.
Member of the working group "Support of access to foreign markets and export support" of the National entrepreneurial initiative.
Member of the interdepartmental working group on export promotion through the development of electronic commerce.
Member of the working group on elimination of excessive administrative barriers at the BRICS Business Council