Artyom Androsov

Member of the Supreme Council of the Party, United Russia Political Party

Born February 16, 1987. 2007: Business Programme Diploma, Brisbane, Australia.2009: graduated from Tumen State Academy of Architecture and Construction in industrial and civil engineering. 2013: elected Chairman of the Youth Entrepreneurship Committee of OPORA Russia, Tumen Office.As of the 2015, the Youth Entrepreneurship Committee of OPORA Russia had held over 150 events, involving over 6000 people.2016: Chairman of the Federal Committee on Youth Entrepreneurship, which covers 17 regional ones.2016: represented Russia at the International Forum of Young European Entrepreneurs.2017: Artem Androsov’s team will host the Economy and Entrepreneurship Section at the 19th Festival of Youth and Students, attended by participants from 150 countries.