Nikolay Verkhovsky

Director, Centre for Digital Transformation; Director for Design Work, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Developer and coach for corporate programmes, business games, strategic and project sessions. Advisor for strategy, project and innovation management and corporate transformations.Graduated from the School of Cultural Policy, specializing in development and coaching of business and organizational/activity games. Director for educational programmes at the School of Cultural Policy.In 2000–2002, he worked at the Center for Strategic Research “North-West”, where he contributed to "Doctrine for the Development of the Northwest Russia" and established the School of Innovative Managers.In 2002–2004, he organized seminars and events related to the report “On Innovations in Russia” by the Ministry of Education.In 2006–2007, he was organizer and coach at the School for Young Leaders in Local Governance for the Russian Council of Local Government and the Presidential Executive Office.Since 2008, programme developer and head of project work for corporate programmes at SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management. As the head of project work and advisor, he worked with Evraz Group, RAO UES, CES, UAC, Federal Tariff Service, Presidential Executive Office, Rosatom, Roscosmos, Sportveshchanie, Metinvest, MTS, the Government of Moscow etc.Currently he is leading projects for the integrated development programme for Russian one-industry towns commissioned by VEB.