Russian Small &
Enterprises Forum


The main events on the SME Forum business programme may only be accessed with an accreditation badge. In order to ensure easy access to the Forum venue we kindly ask you not to carry through any of prohibited items (to see the list).

You must carry your badge as well as your passport (or another identity document) with you at all times during your entire stay in St. Petersburg.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties.

If your accreditation badge is lost, stolen, or damaged, please go to any accreditation stand or Help Desk, or call +7 (812) 680 0000. The lost badge will be blocked, and, pursuant to a written application from the badge holder, a duplicate badge will be issued.


Accreditation badges are prepared in compliance with several conditions:

* Colour photo against a white background in JPEG format, photo size 480×640 pixels, resolution (photo quality) of 300 dpi, full-face photo with no head gear, and the image must make up at least 70% of the photo.

Before collecting your badge, we recommend that you check whether registration details in your personal web office are accurate and up-to-date. You may find out if your badge is ready using one of the ways in the chart below:


We kindly ask that you collect your accreditation badge in advance in order to ensure easy access to the Forum venue. To receive accreditation badges participants in the SME Forum can address to the SPIEF accreditation points.

Information on accreditation point operating hours and locations is available on SPIEF website in the Participant accreditation section.

Participant accreditation badges may be collected personally on presentation of the participant’s passport only.Accreditation officers will check if the same details were indicated during registration before issuing badges. In the event of any discrepancies, it will not be possible to issue badges on that day.

To collect your accreditation badge by proxy, your proxy must present:

Power of attorney form to collect accreditation badge

Example of completed power of attorney form to collect accreditation badge

** Without a list and copies of the passports of all participants to be accredited, the power of attorney will not be valid. Copies of passports will be returned once badges have been issued.